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The island is located in the Aegean Sea just five kilometers from the cost of Turkey, South of Lesvos lies the island of Chios and north the island of Limnos, Lesvos is the third largest of all Greek islands and with its wealth of natural beauty and historical interest, the island has of late become an important tourist destination and has still managed to avoid becoming to much commercialized.

Two huge lakes (Gulfs), The Gulf of Gera and the Gulf of Kalloni, have created the islands “leaf like” shape. Enormous Olive groves are to be seen on major part of the island. It is estimated that Lesvos Island has 12 million olive trees.
Lesvos is one of the few islands in Greece where most of the towns and villages have been preserved with much of the original architectural heritage intact.

The temperate climate , inland rivers, natural springs and the two “lakes” contribute to maintain the lush vegetation of the island. Sparklingly clean beaches are to be found all over the island.

The island has been ruled successively by the Byzantines, the Genoese and the Turks and evidence of such history can still be discovered all over the island.

If a visitor wishes to find clean beaches, a very changing landscape with views and unspoiled villages, hospitality, sea food and traditional “Greek cuisine” combined with the comfort of full hotel accommodations (self catering units to first class hotels) then Lesvos is the right destination.

The climate of Lesvos is mild and temperate. The winter is mild and snowfalls are a rarity. The period of warm weather starts in April and lasts until October, whilst the colder weather is between November and March. The average air temp. in spring is 15,9 C., in summer it is 26,1 C., in Autumn 18,8 C., and in Winter 10,4 C. During Summer rain is very rare. It rains most in December and least in July. Finally there are more hours of sunshine on Lesvos than anywhere else in Greece and the island seldom experiences a day, even in winter, on which the sun does not shine.

MYTILENE TOWN, capital of Lesvos

An amazing little city full of life and surprises and if you are someone with a ling history in Greece it may actually remind you of Athens or Piraeus in the fifties. Mytilini is built upon seven hills and is full of history. Mytilini is in fact one of the most culturally enlightened city in Greece perhaps due to the it's proximity to the coast of Asia Minor where the ancient Greeks flourished until 1922 when they were forcefully evicted by the Turks.

The museums are full of interesting remnants of the last three thousand years of history and the town itself contains monuments, houses, churches, schools and other buildings from the various historical periods.

But it is the Town of today that holds the most interest for many because it is a small and manageable city full of great restaurants, cafes, churches, neo-classical mansions and shops of every type.

The castle is well worth a trip and a walk around the promontory will give you a whole new perspective of the city due to the view from the walls and towers of the castle. If you continue to the back side of the castle you will come to the ancient harbor. Finally Mytilini has been a prominent intellectual center in the Aegean from ancient times to the present. As evidence are the nearby Theophilus and Teriade Museums (near the airport) which contain collections that any gallery in the world would be honored to have in their possession.

The town is located on the south of Lesvos Island 6km. from the airport. The main seaport is as well located in the town of Mytilini,

¤ Other Towns/Villages:


Mithimna, or Molivos as it was called during the Middle Ages, is truly an amazing town. The town is situated on a small mountain topped by a dramatic medieval castle, built by the Byzantines and renovated by the Gattelusis, who were from Genoa and were ceded the island when Francesco Gattelusi married the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor John Paliologos.

The town itself is built of stone houses and shops which surround the castle and follow the coast to one of the most beautiful harbours in Greece, The town offers a traditionally laid back atmosphere with lots of taverns serving food and drink, plus stylish boutiques and traditional resort shopping. Molivos is surely delightfully picturesque. 90 min from the airport by car. 80 min. from the capital.


A few kilometres from Molivos is the Village of Petra, Stretched along a long sand beach, lined with café's and restaurants, the interior of the town surrounds a rock mountain topped with the church of the Panagia (Virgin Mary). You reach the top of the rock by climbing the 114 steps carved into the stone. From the church the view of Petra and the surrounding sea and countryside is spectacular extending all the way to the coats of Asia Minor.

The village itself has hotels, craft and souvenir shops, and restaurant and bars all very close to the beach. The small main street has a variety of traditional shops and tourist shops mixed together.


Situated on the southern coast of Lesvos, 42 km. from Mytilini Town, Plomari, the ouzo capital of Greece, is built ampithitheatrically near the sea. The town is the second largest town on the island and this is where the famous Barbayiannis Ouzo comes from. The architecture of the town is pretty amazing with giant old mansions and decaying factories, olive presses and tanneries amongst the houses of all different size shapes and colours. The town itself straddles each side of a ravine, which in the rainy season turns into a river. Some of the houses are built right on the river and their walls form the banks. There are number of Turkish fountains in the village as well as many houses with Turkish-style architecture.

Plomari in South Lesvos

There are some great restaurants in town and of course many “kafeneons”, which serve ouzo and “mezedes”. The town has an active marketplace and on the narrow mains-street one finds a variety of traditional shops and tourist shops mixed together.

Just on the outskirts of Plomari the beach area of Agios Isidoros is situated, which is one of the best areas on the island for swimming with a mixture of sand and a stone shelf and open sea. The snorkelling off the coast of Agios Isidoros is very interesting.

Most of the hotels are located in Agios Isidoros within walking distance of Plomari, as well as a numbers of taverns, fish-taverns, restaurants and cafés/bars are located in the area. 75 min. from the airport by car. 65 min from the capital


A small fishing village located on the South West tip of the island. There are a number of beaches, and caves may be visited. The whole area offers good fishing and Sigri lobsters are famous throughout the island. Sigri is home to a number of natural phenomenon and monuments. The Petrified Forest Park is located 4 km. from Sigri.

100 min. from the airport by car. 90 min. from the capital.


Situated on the South-western part of the island. The village of Eressos is 4 km. inland and is known as the “winter village”.

Eresos Beach

Skala Eressos is the “summer village” and the harbour and holiday area. A small pretty village with a long sandy beach, which is one of the best beaches on the island. Skala Eressos is renowned as the birth place of Sappho. 100 min. from the airport by car. 90 min. from the capital.


Kaloni is a market town located on the central part of Lesvos west of Mytilini Town. Kaloni is the main intersection for buses in this part of the island. Good selection of shops.

Skala Kaloni is a beach resort situated 3 km. south of Kaloni. The long beach with shallow waters makes Skala Kaloni a popular destination for families.

Skala Kalloni

This is the island bird watching centre and host to numerous species of migrant birds in the early spring. Sardines from the bay of Skala Kaloni are said to be some of the best in Greece.


By Plane 
The airport (tel. 0030 22510 61490 or 003022510 61590) is 3km south of Mitilini; there's no bus to the town, and a taxi will cost about 5€. Olympic Airways tel. 0030 2801044444 has several flights daily to Mitilini from Athens. There are connections with Thessaloniki daily; with Limnos three times weekly; and with Hios twice weekly. The Olympic office in Mitilini (tel. 22510/28-660) is at Kavetsou 44, 
Aegean Cronus Airlines (tel. 0030 210 9982888 in Athens ), with an office at the Mitilini airport (tel. 0030 22510 61120), also has three flights daily between Athens and Mitilini, and one or two flights daily between Thessaloniki and Mitilini. Weekly flight from Rhodes, Samos and Chios.

By Boat 
The principal port of Lesvos is Mitilini, and almost all the ferries arrive and depart from here, although there is some ferry traffic through the west coast port of Sigri. There's one ferry daily to Mitilini from Piraeus, stopping at Hios (10-12 hr.); there are also several ferries weekly from Rafina to Sigri (9 hr.). There are daily boats in both directions between Mitilini and Hios (3 hr.), and four ferries weekly from Mitilini to Limnos (6-7 hr.); there are also two ferries weekly between Sigri and Limnos (4 1/2 hr.). Two boats call weekly to Mitilini from Kavala (10 hr.) and Thessaloniki (10-13 hr.), stopping at Limnos on the way; there's also one ferry a week from Siros (9 hr.)


Useful Telephones for Lesvos


  • CITY HALL: 22510-28501
  • GNTO(EOT): 22510-42511
  • POLICE: 22510-41911
  • TOURIST POLICE: 22510-22776
  • HOSPITAL: 22510-43777
  • OLYMPIC AIRWAYS: 22510-28659
  • OLYMPIC AIRPORT: 22510-61490
  • PORT POLICE: 22510-28888
  • LOCAL BUSSES (KTEL): 22510-28873


  • CITY HALL: 22520-32200
  • POLICE: 22520-32333
  • HEALTH CENTER : 22520-32111


  • CITY HALL: 22530-71313
  • POLICE: 22530-71222
  • HEALTH CENTER : 22530-71333


  • CITY HALL: 22530-41235
  • POLICE: 22530-41222
  • HEALTH CENTER : 22530-41210

Information here has been provided by the HELLENIC TRAVEL CHANNEL